The I Am Human Foundation

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Trans Masculine - Dysphoria and HIV Prevention

Our program will provide sensitivity training to physicians and their staffs. It will also provide much needed mental health services to trans men dealing with dysphoria. The most important part of the program with provide trans men with HIV education, testing and prevention. Many LGBTQ+ healthcare advocates and activists work diligently to alleviate barriers to healthcare for community members and people living with HIV/AIDS. The lack of resources for transgender men and AFAB people has become more evident in the fight to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Transgender men can identify as men who sleep with men or fit into one or more of the risk groups who engage in sexual behaviors that increase their chances of getting and spreading the disease. However, studies and surveys show that transgender men are rarely offered PREP by their physcians, are not included in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment medication studies/trials, pharmaceutical companies/representatives are not educated about transgender men’s lived experiences and trans men either do not know about or do not have emergency access to PREP.

Trans Sex Workers Initiative

2020 was a year filled with economic loss due to Covid-19. The number of trans sex workers increased as the jobs declined. We are implementing a program to not only protect these individuals but give them options through job training and ressources. We will also provide safe sex kits, HIV testing and access to resources for counseling.

Black Trans Violence Awareness

We will have a major ad campaign starting in Atlanta, Ga this January bringing awareness to the violence surrounding trans individuals of color. We will strategically place billboards in major cities throughout the year emphasizing that Black Trans Lives Matter.